Pak-Afghan Talks Ended Without Any result In islamabad

The two-day Afghanistan-Pakistan Plan of Action for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS), held at the Foreign Office, ended on Saturday at a dead end in which there were strong differences and in rare cases not even the compulsory press release was issued. I would not say it was deadlocked, but the talks faltered, and both sides […]

Kashmir Day: 5th February, 2018

Posters of plaintive mothers and abused children, of Indian officials denouncing the “honor” of Muslim women, beating and beating boys, mark the Kashmir Highway in Islamabad before the Kashmir Solidarity Day, Kashmir Day, which is celebrated as a holiday Pakistan every 5th of February.Kashmir is the unfinished agenda of division!” “Kashmir is Pakistan’s carotid artery!” […]

Senator Nehal Hashmi Disqualified For Threatening Investigators

Pakistan’s highest court has sentenced a lawmaker to one month in jail and prevented him from taking public office for the next five years after he had been condemned last year in a speech about threats from investigators. In the February 1 ruling, the Supreme Court fined Nehal Hashmi of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League […]

PIA Stands For Survival: 5 New Air Lines Ready to Enter

Five new airlines are expected to enter the Pakistani aviation industry over the next twelve months, which will increase competition in the context of an open air policy. While this could reduce passenger numbers, the financially weak Pakistan International faces new challenges airlines (PIA). Askari Air, Air Siyal, Go Green, Liberty Air and Afeef Zara […]

Afghan Government Has Accused Pakistan For Kabul Attacks

The Afghan government accuses Pakistan of supporting the militants who carried out the attack in the Afghan capital Kabul, which killed over 100 people on Saturday. The Afghan government said the attack was carried out by the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network with Pakistani support, RTE News reported. The bombing, which took place in a crowded area […]

Pak Army Rescued French Climber from Naga Parbat

An elite group of mountaineers rescued a French mountaineer from a mountain peak in the Himalayas in Pakistan, but had to give up the search for their climbing partner due to the adverse weather conditions. The four volunteer rescuers of a separate Polish expedition, with the support of the Pakistani military on Saturday, launched an […]