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Pakistan does not have much representation in belts, Alysh Freestyle and classic mat wresting. Pakistan has never sent a women’s wrestling team at an international event, except for the recent 5th Asian Indoor and Marshal Arts Games in Turkmenistan in September, where the world’s athletes have shown how talented they are female Pakistani wrestler Ambreen Ashiq.

Ambreen (first Christian woman), representing the first Pakistan Women Wrestling team, won three bronze medals in the belt, Alysh and traditional Mat Wrestling style.

While talking exclusively to The Nation, Ms Ashiq said she was the best performer in the Pakistani contingent.

“I won a medal in my regular weight of -54 kg and two other medals in the weight classes of -58 and -60 kg,” she said.


“Despite a short camp and the effects of changing weather, especially in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan – hot in the day, cold at night – we have given our best and won the medals,” she said.

The medal winner continued to tell about the games and said that only one girl participated in a class while other countries had A and B teams. Therefore, their medal wins were higher, but we won the medals. “Our girls have defeated the wrestlers of almost 15 to 16 participating countries, including India, Philippines and Turkmenistan,” she said.

Ambreen mentioned that she went to Turkmenistan last year and made a big difference during her visit this year because she had advertised advertising on TV, made advertising boards, promotions, advertising and even her leading politicians.

“Here we had short camps and we still hope to win gold without investing a lot of money and money in this sport, because cricket is our only priority, and all appreciate and encourage cricketers,” she said.

About her early training and her starting point, Ambreen explained that she and her sister Humera Ashiq would be trained with the coaches Sir Shahid and Sir Naveed, who own a club in Garden Town in Lahore.


“I started as a Judo player very early, but in Pakistan there are very few chances of progress with the women,” she said.

She explained that the belt wrestling sport was held by Ju-Jitsu Federation earlier. Later Wrestling Federation took over and the first women’s wrestler contestant was sent abroad to Asian games.

“We have not played any real national games in Pakistan for the last six to seven years because they have been canceled for many reasons.” Despite the experience at the national level, we have won the medals at the international level, “said Ambreen.

“And you can appreciate the level of talent and potential of the athletes, especially the female athletes in Pakistan,” she said.

“Some officials were not ready to send women’s wrestling teams since they felt we would not win a medal but one of our coaches insisted that we be allowed to go,” she said.

“We were a team of four girls and won 7 medals where the men’s team had 40 wrestlers and only won four medals, showing the immense talent of girls in our country,” she said.

Ambra Ashiq, however, praised and praised the general role of the wrestling federation and said that they trust us – the girls – and gave us this opportunity.

“We have girls in other sports like tennis, swimming and there is a taboo in our society for girls who play wrestling,” she said.

“My message to girls and their parents is that wrestling is a great sport for girls, there is no question of dresscode and it has a big scale, I will encourage girls to become wrestlers,” she said.

On the growth of this sport, Ambreen said that more tournaments should take place at the national level, and teams from other countries should be invited to Pakistan as it will improve our techniques, style and play.

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