Argentina Refuses To Host Pakistan Hokey

Pakistan Hockey is going through the worst part of its history as the Argentine hockey confederation has regretted hosting Pakistan’s junior team, and secondly, the country would miss the indoor hockey World Cup in Berlin (Germany) in ten days.

Pakistan’s aspiring team and then national team were all ready to tour Argentina when the South Americans regretted hosting the team under the pretext of national and international commitments.

Although the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) officials were initially very close to why the tour was suddenly canceled, ‘The News’ learned that the Argentine hockey confederation was ready to accept Pakistan’s junior team and then refused To host Pakistan national side.

The PHF has taken up the matter with the Argentine hockey confederation, reminding them that in the past, Pakistan has always helped their hockey and given due respect to their former players, said a former player now affiliated with the PHF.

He added that it was nothing short of embarrassing for Pakistan to repent of the Argentine hockey confederation, host a national team at a time when the tour was already scheduled.

Meanwhile, Pakistan would stop participating in the Hockey World Cup on February 7th. In total, twelve countries from around the world would attend the event.

Indoor event is also important as it teaches a player how to control the ball in the tightest situation. The emergence of indoor hockey has made European countries more efficient, as players have learned to control the ball and coordinate with other players, “said a former Olympian.

It is not yet clear how the Pakistani team would prepare for the four major international events this year. Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, Champions Trophy and World Cup are held by the best teams in the world. Mere play against minnows like Japan and Oman will barely solve the problem.

“It has to be played against the best in the world, only playing against low-ranked teams would not improve the team’s standard,” added the former Olympic champion. He asked the PHF officials to improve their relations with other hockey-playing nations so that Pakistan could exchange tours at national level.

The journey of Mere World Veterans XI into the country and playing games against the junior string would solve none of the hockey problems. “On Friday night, the PHF issued a handout stating that a trip to Argentina would have been a very costly exercise, especially the flight into the country.

“The PHF has sent a message of regret to the Argentine Hockey Confederation, which was keen to host Pakistani juniors,” the PHF paper said. The story is different. “The PHF has already bought tickets for this purpose, it was the Argentine hockey confederation that refused to host Pakistan,” the source said.


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