Cajutel Looking for $30 Millions to make Multi-billion Dollar Telecom infrastructure


Cajutel Looking for $30 Millions to make Multi-billion Dollar Telecom infrastructure to provide connectivity to a majority of the 1.7 million population.

Swiss Telecom Cajutel is on the way to become one of the main providers of the high-speed, high-speed Internet service in West Africa when it is ICO.

In order to increase the financing of solar-powered high-speed Internet, Cajutel Sarl, a Swiss-owned telecom company, has made an ICO offer available to the majority of the 1.7 million inhabitants who currently do not have access to the Internet. The telecommunications company says that lack of connectivity has severely impacted the region’s GDP, per capita, literacy and human development index.

Cajutel therefore sells its Cajutel (CAJ) tokens, which are controlled by ERC20-compatible smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. CAJ tokens can be purchased directly by sending the ETH to the address listed on The CAJ tokens are automatically displayed in your wallet (be sure to use a wallet that can hold tokens).

In the context of its crowdsale, Cajutel has approved the creation of a further 780,000 shares, of which 720,000 are offered to the ICO participants for sale and the remaining 60,000 for premiums and advertising costs. The telecom operator has set the maximum limit for CAJ tokens to 1,780,000, with existing shareholders retaining 1,000,000 tokens and the remaining tokens being used for token sales, head money and advertising spending. The maximum cap remains fixed until the shareholders agree to issue additional shares. Each CAJ token represents a share of the platform.

The ICO is held in five different phases. The first two phases offer 10,000 tokens for sale and the price of each token during the first and second phases is set to 0.05 ETH and 0.075 ETH.
The third, fourth and fifth phases include the sale of 100,000, 200,000 and 400,000 tokens at a unit price of 0.10 ETH, 0.15 ETH and 0.20 ETH. The CAJ Ethereum-based tokens will act as shares and have the same rights as all other shares, including dividends. The value of the token is thus secured by the asset and the result of the company.

Guinea-Bissau can benefit from Cajutel building the infrastructure from the ground up to provide reliable high-speed broadband Internet at affordable prices. ICO money is used to do what it is supposed to do, the entire cajutel infrastructure is solar-powered it is more sustainable and economical in the long term.

The agreement brings 1 gigabit capacity from neighboring countries into the country, builds and installs all devices and towers and has already partnerships with small shops and kiosks.

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