Facebook Creators : Monetize your Moments and Earn Money

Facebook is a top leading social network where lot of people spent time on regular basis. People use it daily even 24/7 but some of them use it just for fun and some of them use it for commercial use or expand their brands all over the world with the help of Facebook.

In November Facebook announced about a new feature which is called Facebook Creators. It is specially designed for those want to earn money with their work or brand or even with fun. Finally this feature has been launched and in initial stage this feature is just for IOs users and Android users will get this feature app soon.

What Are The Key Features Of Facebook Creators

Facebook Creators as this name showing that it is for creators who create any thing like Videos, Tutorials, Brand Videos, Songs and Live broadcasting etc.

  Each facebook user can join it or signup free at Facebook Crators

November 16th, 2017

Do you love to make videos to share your passion and talents with the rest of the world? Do you want to improve your skills and build a great community? You are in the right place!

Facebook for Creators is just that – the best of Facebook for passionate people who are making great videos that want to level up. We are so happy that you are here.

With our new website and app, you’ll have more resources to unleash your creativity, build your community, and increase your presence on Facebook. And we are just starting.

Welcome To Creators

The Facebook for Creators website is designed to strengthen the global community of YouTubers and drive your growth through inspiration, education, and support.

Enjoy exploring the new destination and its four main areas – Spotlight, Discover, Learn and Support.

Be inspired by the success stories of real developers in the Spotlight section.
Keep an eye on the latest product news and creator updates in the Discover section.
Take a look at the tips and tricks in the “Learning” section.
Get answers to your burning questions in the Support section.
Do not forget to switch to the join area as well! We’re excited to see the incredible videos you create and the global community you create on Facebook.

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Sound Collection For Creators

Sound is a key component in video – it can instantly change mood, create tension or create emotions. We’ve heard that you want an easier way to use sound effects and music in your videos. That’s why we’re introducing the Facebook Sound Collection. This is part of our broader commitment to providing video artists with the various tools they need to grow on Facebook.

The Sound Collection gives you access to thousands of high quality audio tracks and sound effects from around the world to spice up your videos. These sounds are owned by Facebook and are free to use and clear in all the videos you create and share on Facebook and Instagram.

In the Sound Collection you will find tracks by established composers and songwriters as well as a number of sound effects. Discover a mix of songs, vocals, sounds and instrumental tracks from genres like Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, Country and more – and soon new tracks and effects will be added. The collection also introduces easy-to-use discovery tools that allow you to get to know different artists, follow the musicians you want, and browse sounds by genre, mood, length, and vocals to find tracks that you like for your videos.

The Sound Collection includes artists like Kiri Tse, a singer-songwriter known for a mix of R & B, indie pop and electronic music. Jim Santi Owen, who has a background in Indian percussion and a passion for intercultural collaboration; and Lyle Workman, an experienced guitarist and film composer.

To get started, visit the Sound Collection. If you do not see the collection right away, you are stuck! We’re starting the launch today, and it will be available to all creators in the coming days.

Don’t Miss this chance and Join it free

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