How to make a good post | what is label & how to set labels | how to create menu & sub menu in blogger part 2 (Urdu & Hindi)

How to make a good post

1) Chose a good title which express your whole article or post

2) Post should be consists on different paragraphs. it should be 3 or 4 line paragraphs (2 or more lines in one paragraph)

3) Add one or two images according to your article (don’t use more than 2 images without any compulsory use )

4) Use proper heading with bold text as much as you need in your post.


What is label & how to set labels

  1. Labels (Categories)should be used in blogger for better look of your blog at least make 4 or 5 labels or it can be more than 5 according to your different types of content (maximum 10 recommended)
  2. Labels (Categories) navigation should be clear and easy to use.
  3. Labels (Categories) should be different from each other completely.

How to create menu and sub menu in blogger

a)  Menu should be look clear and easy to navigate

b)  Sub Menu should not use if your template or them has header slider option because both sub menu and slider can disturb visitor of your blog or website.



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