Pakistan National Anthem Played In Jammu & Kashmir: 4 Cricketers held For This

SRINAGAR: Policemen Jammu and Kashmir have arrested four cricketers from Bandipora district in northern Kashmir for their alleged participation in a pre-match ceremony during which Pakistan’s national anthem was played.

A video of two cricket teams standing in a field wearing green and white uniforms and the Pakistani national anthem playing in the background went viral last week on social media.

The place was later identified as a sports field in Arin Bandipora district. The local police immediately went into action and registered a case against the two teams under section 13 of RPC.

The J & K police have already arrested four locals who played the game and initiated further investigations to identify the organizers and other players.

The police also tried to find out if the video was from a recent match and if it was being manipulated or manipulated.

“We have registered the case and the investigation continues,” said SSP Bandipora, Sheikh Zulfikar Azad to ET.

The investigator in question refused to give details of the incident.

The police also claim to have contacted the village elders and asked them to stop the youth from pursuing such activities in the future.

After the political protests in 2016, which lasted for five months, tendencies of the Pakistani national anthem, played at all major political and sporting gatherings, surfaced throughout Kashmir.

The videos and photos of teenagers wearing a uniform of the Pakistani cricket team and flaunting them on social media also became viral.

Earlier, in April 2017, police arrested local cricketers in the Ganderbal area of ​​northern Kashmir for wearing Pakistani uniform and playing the national anthem of the neighboring country.

In another incident, the video of two young artists from Kashmiri performing the Pakistani national anthem on traditional instruments by Rabab and Santoor became viral in the social media.

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