Pakistan Send Troops To Saudi Arabia

Pakistan sends a “troop contingent” to Saudi Arabia, the military said in late February 15. In a statement, the military press service said the troops were being sent to a “training and advisory mission” as part of “bilateral security cooperation.”

He said the troops would not be stationed outside of Saudi Arabia.

The news was announced after a meeting on February 15 between Army General Qamar Bajwa and Saudi Ambassador Nawaf Said al-Maliki in Rawalpindi, the city where the Pakistani military is headquartered.

Saudi Arabia has been calling for the deployment of Pakistani troops since the beginning of the Yemen conflict in 2015, although the Pakistani parliament passed a resolution in the same year that declared Islamabad’s “neutrality” in the conflict.

A coalition led by Saudi Arabia intervened in Yemen’s civil war in 2015 and supported government forces against Iranian-allied Houthi rebels.


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