Pakistan Whites wins friendly football match in Brussels


The Pakistani Embassy in Brussels organized a friendly match between Pakistan Greens and Pakistan Whites at the football stadium Schaerbeek in Brussels.

The game was part of the celebration of the 70th Independence Jubilee of Pakistan in Europe.

The Pakistan Whites won the game with 4-0. Two Belgian teams from Brussels took part in the friendly game. The Renaissance Schaerbeek team headed by Captain Channouf Safouane with Sajjad Memon, while the coach played as Pakistan Whites while Genappe’s team played by Antony Guiot and Frederic Vanderkerken as coach played as Pakistan Greens. For the first time, the Belgian teams played a friendly match against Pakistan.

Pakistani Ambassador to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg Naghmana Hashmi, the main guest of the game, said the goal of the organization of the game is to bring the Pakistani and Belgian communities closer.

“Pakistan produces the best football in the world, which can be seen in the fact that soccer balls made of Made in Pakistan are the official football at the FIFA World Cup,” she said.

Ambassador Hashmi said that these events not only provide opportunities for healthy activities, but also have enormous potential to introduce and promote Pakistani soccer balls and sportswear in Belgium.

She thanked the Renaissance Club Schaerbeek for providing the stadium for the alignment of the game. The Belgian and diplomatic community was also invited to the game, including officials from the Belgian Foreign Office, the European External Action Service and journalists.

Prior to this, Junior teams from Pakistan Whites and Pakistan Greens had also played a part. Popular folks were also sung by young Pakistani students Shehbaz Ghani and Adil Sardar Ghani on this occasion.

The game was sponsored by the Trade Development Authority in Pakistan, sportswear manufacturers in Sialkot Pakistan, Well Trust, and football specialists in Pakistan, Wembley Sports.

The game was dedicated to a Belgian charity clinclowns, which works for sick children.

The event was well received by the audience.

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