Reviews & Buyer’s Guide: Best Tablet For 3 Year Kid

What is the best tablet for A 3 year old kid?

With all the options available to you on the market, finding the best tablet for a 3-year-old can be truly overwhelming. From prices to educational skills, you want to find the best out there without breaking the bank. Below are our top tips for the best tablets currently available for three-year-olds.

Having a three-year-old child at home is both a fun and a challenging time as a parent. From completing potty training to preparing your child for nursery school, 3 is a very important age for growth and development. With that in mind, we’ve picked what we consider to be the best 3-year tablets based on educational goals, affordability, longevity, and development goals.

Over View About Best Tablet For 3 Year Old

After testing several tablets for 3-year-olds, we selected the Kindle Fire HD 8 Kids Edition as the best tablet for 3-year-olds in 2017. There are actually a few reasons for this choice.

Educational Or Learning Content

First, thanks to the free year of Amazon Freetime Unlimited, you’ll have access to a wide selection of free apps, games, videos, and books.

There are literally thousands of things to choose from, which means that your child will not get bored quickly, and thanks to the increased storage capacity in the HD 8 Kids’ Edition, you will not constantly delete games and apps. Many parents have been with previous kids in the past ‘Edition Fire models worked.

You can also add a microSD card for additional photo and video storage if you find that the tablet is low on storage or if you want to have some entertainment for your child on longer trips.

In addition to the free educational content of the Freetime app, the Amazon App Store offers a wide variety of content in parent mode. Our best-recommended learning app for younger kids, ABC Mouse, is available in the Amazon App Store and can be quickly added to your child’s account by assigning it the permission from your own account.

Video Entertainment For Kids

If your 3-year-old is not chalked up, it’s likely to end up in the pile of unused toys somewhere in the niches of her room. Luckily, you never have to worry about this tablet.

With access to hundreds of age-appropriate videos within Amazon Freetime Unlimited, your kid can watch hours of shows featuring his favorite characters like Mickey Mouse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Caillou, My Little Pony, and more.

In addition to the video content within Freetime Unlimited, you can also access streaming video apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. I really wish this tablet was available when my kids were younger, knowing Netflix would entertain them for hours.

However, a disadvantage to the Amazon Prime Video service is that it is only available in parent mode and children can not be granted access in free time. Hopefully this will be changed in a future update of the Amazon Freetime software.

Games & Apps

With Amazon Freetime Unlimited, your 3-year-old will not get bored with hundreds of free apps and games. Many of these titles are specifically designed for the developmental goals of preschool children, which will help your child to be better prepared for pre-school and, as they get older, kindergarten. Once again, you can access the Amazon App Store in the parent mode to add even more popular games and apps like Minecraft and ABC Mouse.

Thanks to the impressive quad-core processor in the HD 8, your child will be able to easily play the titles they really want. It’s important to note that apps and games can only be accessed from the tablet’s internal memory. Here, the HD 8 Kids Edition shines with impressive 32 GB of memory on the tablet. With so much memory, you no longer have to worry about constantly unloading apps, as many parents, including myself, have done in the past. In previous models, the maximum available storage capacity was only 16 GB.


Let’s be honest, most three-year-olds are pretty rude with their toys. Luckily, this is not a problem with the Kindle Fire HD 8 Kids Edition.

First, you have the rugged design of the Kindle Fire HD 8. These tablets are quite durable for themselves, and I speak from my own experience, saying I’ve dropped my non-child issue several times on unprotected carpets, and fortunately had no problems.

There is even a bit more protection when it comes to possible breakage and damage, because the Kid’s Edition of the Kindle Fire HD 8 has a supplied rubber foam housing. Despite all these protections, accidents still happen, and fortunately, Amazon has outperformed its children’s range of tablet products.

This is because they have a 2-year worry-free warranty that literally states that they will replace the tablet if anything happens for some reason.

If your 3-year-old child leaves the tablet outside or spills milk on it, you are covered. If it is entered in the middle of the night, because it has remained in the ground, you are covered. Frankly, this was the last turning point to make the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition not only my choice for the best tablet for 3-year-olds, but also the best tablet for kids.

Parental Control

This is where the Kindle Fire Kids Edition somehow fell a little short in my book. This is because the app, game, video, and book selections within Freetime are set to your child’s age while the tablet does not have a child-safe web browser installed.

This becomes a problem for apps like YouTube because your child can click on any selected video and watch it, unless it’s a mature themed content within the video. Honestly, if this is a problem that you have, as I did, you can quickly disable the Internet browser completely and simply do not install the YouTube app.

In this way, you can restrict your child from accessing only the content of Amazon Freetime, thereby excluding unauthorized videos and sites from their access.

In addition, the new generation of Kindle Fire Kids tablets has launched a new service from Amazon called the Amazon Dashboard. In the dashboard, you can create child profiles and see exactly what your child did on their tablet.

If you have several children at home, you can set up profiles for each child and quickly switch between them within the parent dashboard.

Another great feature of the dashboard is interactive maps that ask you questions about the content of your 3-year-old consumer. In my opinion, this is a great way to engage with your child while also teaching them how to retrieve information they’ve consumed from content on the tablet.

Some Other Tablets For 3 Year Old

As mentioned above, I actually tested many other great 3 year old tablets while choosing Kindle Fire Kids Edition as my top choice. The tablets listed below should all be considered if you have decided that the Kindle Fire Kids Edition is simply not your cup of tea.

The leapPad Epic: Best Tablet Range For 3 Year Old Kid

This tablet has a very impressive library of age-appropriate titles that every 3-year-old will surely enjoy. Like the Kindle Fire Kids Edition, you can access the Amazon App Store in Parent mode and add many more games and apps.

It also allows you to use services like Amazon Prime Movies and Netflix for hours of entertaining and educational videos.

Unfortunately, this tablet is pretty limited in the amount of free content available for its age. If you’ve ever owned a LeapPad tablet in the past, you probably know the average price of $ 20 per song when you buy LeapPad cartridges.

Although most titles for the LeapPad Epic are available online in the LeapFrogs App Store, you will not see discounts on the software even though you no longer have to have certain physical cassettes to play many of the titles available on the tablet.

Another thing that really let these out of the top position as the best tablet for a 3-year-old; was the fact that it comes only with a 1-year warranty. Compared to the Kindle Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, this was personally a deal breaker for me.

However, the parental controls on the LeapPad Epic are second to none and include a kid-friendly web browser that allows your kid to have a little freedom to surf online while you can be sure that you will not be accessing inappropriate content.

The Fire 7 Kids’ Edition:The Best Kindle For 3 Years Old

Along with the above-mentioned HD 8 Kids Edition, Amazon has released a new Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, which while still impressive, is not comparable to the overall value of the HD 8.

This is because all the core features in both tablets are the same, but the $ 30 difference in price is small compared to the two main differences in the tablets.

For starters, the HD 8 is a bit larger than the 7, which will allow for a lighter grip and interaction for your 3 year old. In addition, the HD 8 Kids Edition offers a true HD screen, while the Fire 7 Kids Edition does not.

In addition, the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition has twice as much storage space as the Fire 7. This means that you can store twice as many games and apps on the HD 8 as on the Fire 7.

Thus, the Fire 7 Kids Edition is still a quality tablet that offers your 3-year-old entertainment through the Freetime Unlimited service and also gives you the feeling that you should have a 2-year worry-free guarantee with the tablet.

The Nabi Jr.- Best Tablet For 3 Years Old Kids

When it comes to great tablets for rough and stony game, Nabi Jr. is second to none. The tablet itself is very durable and can really withstand the abuse that many toddlers and 3-year-olds apply.

The Nabi Jr. is also a very impressive tablet when it comes to education. With the included Nabi Wings app, your 3-year-old child can progress through games that will help you develop reading, writing and math skills once they’re done. They are also honored with Nabi Coins if they achieve different goals.


although the company continues to update the tablet, it still feels pretty outdated. When we first saw each other in 2015, it was a very impressive model of what was offered. Well, unfortunately it feels very old-fashioned and many of the original bugs it had were never corrected.

Although I have never personally seen any issues, many users report that their Nabi Jr. tablets are flawed upon receipt. In addition, there are numerous reports that the tablet is not charging and the batteries overheat.

In addition, this tablet has a very limited storage capacity. With just 8GB of onboard memory, your kid will be able to fill it quickly and not install any additional games or apps.

The last straw for this one is the fact that there is very little free content for it. After you’ve set everything up, you’ll find that you’ll be charged small amounts for almost everything your child wants to do. All in all, while this is the best Nabi tablet for a 3-year-old, I would personally recommend passing it on to one of the other tablets mentioned above.

Tablet Buying Guide For 3 Years Old Kid

Now that we’ve covered the top 3-year-olds for the tablet, let’s talk a bit about what exactly happens to your 3-year-old in terms of growth and development.

Personally, I absolutely love this age. I remember that three were in the strange age, that my children were asking the best questions and saying some of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. From the question of why the sky is blue and why I always had to go to work, to funny moments like the time when I was told that the Lion King was a sad movie because of “pounding melodies”.

It is a wonderful age, and you can really see the transition from toddler to preschooler with your child.

Educational goals

When your child begins to really prepare for preschool, there are several cognitive goals to start meeting. According to Healthy Children, some of these milestones include:

Name colors correctly
Understand the concept of counting and maybe even know a few numbers.
Consider problems from one angle
Begins to understand the time
Can follow three sub-commands
Can play parts of a story
Understand the concept of the same or different
Engages in the fantasy game
As you can see, there are a few milestones that must be met by 3-year-olds. Luckily you are there to accompany them on their way to all.

Can Tablets Help 3 Years Old Kids Meet Their Milestone?

Thanks to all the technology we now have as parents, it has never been easier to reach the milestones our three-year-olds receive. As far as tablets are concerned, you need to look for the success of your child and provide you with a way to interact with them.

An example of this is the way you can access question and discussion maps from the Amazon Parent site. In this way, you can ask general questions related to stories that your child can hear within Freetime.

You can also use a variety of counting games and apps to achieve math and numbers milestones. Of course, there are also many different color games that will help your 3-year-old understand and remember different colors and shapes.

As far as the fantasy game is concerned, this tablet will help your child develop more imagination than you ever thought possible.





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