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Apple has introduce a new series 3 watches before some days in an event in Steve Jobs theater on 12th Sep , 2017 and now this series is available for customers in market. The one main difference of this series compare to old series is that now you can use your sim without iphone. Yes now apple has introduced cellular watch so now you have freedom to go just with your watch.(there are two type of apple watches series 3. (type 1 is non cellular and type 2 is cellular )

Series 3 watches has 2 types one is cellular and other is non cellular and their prices are different from each other. Now you can stay connected with your family and friend even you are away from your cell phone.

Apple watch series 3 has all features like a cell phone and plus activity report and health fitness apps also a complete solution of your daily activity.

Now you can send messages and make calls with your watch and more than 40 million songs with apple music right from your wrist. Now you can set reminders , send a calendar invitation and giver your direction without your phone. Remain your phone home and get latest alerts from your favorite apps.

Apple watch series 3 give you freedom to sate in touch while you are working and also see how high and far away by gps and altimeter. Track a casual hike and intestine ride.

With achievement feature apple watch celebrates each milestone with you. Powerful health tool will show your heart beat rate walking and workout recovery heart rate. one app for all your health and fitness.

Apple watch series 3 provide all day assistant from your wrist. All watches have beautiful straps and colorful combination according to your desire. chose your desired color of strap with any watch.

Company prices for GPS watch and GPS + cellular watch

Series 3 GPS                         $329

series 3 GPS + Cellular         $399


Check prices and colors and bands on apple site

Buy apple watch series 3 or other series or watch accessory from Amazon below


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