The Best Kids Tablets With Wifi A Buyer’s Guide 2017

If you’re trying to find the best tablet for your child, you can often feel like you’re running a marathon. That’s why I put together this buyer. It’s here to help you navigate the confusion and select the best tablet for the special little ones in your life.

When Buying A Tablet For Kids What You Should To Look For

The first thing you need to keep in mind when buying a tablet for your kids is exactly what interests them. Regardless of how pedagogical a tablet will be, it does not matter if your child refuses to use it in the first one. Place.

For example, when I bought his first tablet, my eldest son told me that he did not want a “baby tablet”. He was referring to one of the original Nabi 2 tablets.

This was the tablet I saw for my other kids, and he said that it was way too kiddie for him, even though it offered access to many great apps and games. He believed that because of the way it looked, his friends made fun of him.

Let’s look at what you should look out for to make sure your child gets the most value out of the tablet you want to buy.

Entertainment Video

The very first thing you need to do when choosing the best tablet for your child is how entertaining it will be. Many tablets designed specifically for kids do not allow access to things like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or other popular video services.

Many children’s tray manufacturers are trying to keep the video restricted for both parental control and the ability to sell their own video products at a much higher price.

Regrettably, the lack of entertaining video content is the main reason that many of the LeapPad tablets currently on the market are only recommended for very small children.

It’s important not only to educate your child about their tablet, but to keep up with so many tablets on the market that you can reward your child for learning content by adding entertaining content such as videos or educational games.

Games and Videos

The next thing you need to do to choose the best tablet for your child is how many apps and games they have.

Some children’s tablets, such as the Kindle Fire Kids Edition, allow you to access thousands of apps and games for free. while other tablets like the LeapPad tablet family cost up to $ 30 per game and app title.

As parents, these expensive game prices can quickly hurt your wallet. That’s why it’s important to consider how many games and apps your child can access without having to spend more money.

Durability and Warranty

Let’s face it, most of our kids are pretty tough with their toys. Yes, it varies from child to child, and some kids are great with them.

For example, my eldest son looks after his electronic toy very well, while my daughter is notorious for having her kids lying around in the car and even forgetting a few at school and on the bus.

Before you even worry about any guarantees, you should make sure that the tablet you are considering for your child can withstand the restlessness that your children may have. Usually, a high-quality rubber bumper that extends across the screen is more than enough to handle even the roughest game dates, but sometimes it just takes a bit more.

Once you’ve got the basic tablet protection, it’s important that you look at the warranty that will ensure your investment in a kid’s tablet with Wi-Fi.

As with any other consumer electronics product line, the guarantees vary greatly when it comes to choosing kids tablets with Wi-Fi.

Some manufacturers only offer a six-month limited warranty, while others cover their products for up to two years.

Many manufacturer’s warranties only include equipment failure for things like battery failure, overheating, and other similar technical faults; while other warranties provide full protection against damage if something gets spilled on your child’s tablet, or if it gets damaged after it has been dropped.

Educational Purpose

One of the biggest concerns for all of us parents is making sure our kid will not just play games on their tablets.

Well, okay, it might be okay for them to just play games as long as they’re entertaining and educational at the same time, right?

That’s the trick. We try to find the best tablet for our children, which allows them to be entertained, but at the same time be educated.

I know with my kids when they think they are just playing a game, but they actually learn that I have a much better time to get them to participate in activities.

As a nurse, I’ve found that this is the case for most children. If you can make them believe that they are just playing while you teach them something, then they can keep it much better than trying to force them to just learn.

Luckily, almost every kid’s tablet maker recognizes this. You’ve spent a lot of time and money making sure your child learns while it’s playing.

Yes, some apps and games are truly outstanding, but overall, most tablets designed for kids have more than enough third-party developers producing content that will allow your child to learn while playing.

Parental Control

We all want our children to learn and be entertained, but we also want them to be safe. With the quality parental control preinstalled on a tablet, you can control exactly what your child can do, see, and expose.

It’s important that a kid’s tablet provides a kind of parental control so your kid can not just go online and do what he wants.

The good news is that many tablets designed specifically for children contain some kind of parental control, so they are unable to do just that.

Save your Bucks

Most of us do not have the ability to simply throw away money. You want to make sure you get the most value for your investment, right?

Fortunately, a quality tray for kids with Wi-Fi does not break the bank.

Many of the tablets I recommend here on the website cost no more than $ 150. Yes, there are some tablets that can cost as much as $ 600, $ 700 or even more, but to be honest, these tablets are generally not recommended for small children, and they offer much more than what most children do would ever need.

As children get older, as is the case with everything else, the cost of tablets that blend well with them increases dramatically.

Fortunately, when children start getting into higher priced years they generally approach their teenage years and will use these tablets for things like school projects and real internet research.

Basically, you can get a good tablet for your kids for around a hundred dollars, which will withstand the test of time while also helping to promote their educational development.

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