Travel Trends and Insights by World’s Leading Luxury Villa Company

As the cold winters approach slowly and we get closer to Thanksgiving, you will be forgiven to dream of more sunny and exotic climates like Barbados, Hawaii and Mexico. The world’s leading luxury rental company Exceptional Villas has unveiled the most popular holiday destinations in 2017.

Linda Browne, Sales and Marketing Executive at Exceptional Villas, said, “We’ve seen a significant increase in multi-generational families as a hotel.” Exceptional villa customers are looking for space and privacy that is not available in hotels. The trend to make holidays in a villa instead of in a hotel or resort has risen year by year and is inevitably the way forward for families who like to go on holiday together.

Visitors travel to Barbados to enjoy sun-drenched sandy beaches and endless sunshine. The island offers an excellent selection of restaurants ranging from excellent cuisine to local restaurants and rum huts. Barbados is one of the largest Caribbean islands and is by far one of the most popular all year round with flights from the US, Canada and Europe every day.

Linda Browne Sales and Marketing Executive at Exceptional Villas has said, ‘Barbados is our most popular island in the Caribbean for couples and families. The island is easily accessible, offering year-round sunshine, has the most luxurious homes, many of which have cooks and cooks. The island offers a range of amenities to entertain the entire family. “The company, which Barbados is one of the most popular destinations for its client, has grown by 5-10% each year for Barbados in the past six years.

The Turks and Caicos Islands are one of the most popular locations for US customers. The island of Providenciales is the most coveted place within the TCIs and the travel agency Exceptional Villas says it is the perfect place for couples and families. Exceptional villas has a wide selection of ultra-luxurious full-occupied houses in Turks and Caicos – many of which are on Grace Bay Beach.

The company also offers many high-end resorts along the world-famous Grace Bay Beach. Resorts are the ideal place for a couple looking for a romantic holiday or a honeymoon and looking for a small family that is seeking the privacy of their own home but with all the amenities in a resort complex with on-site dining and on-site amenities. The company says, “There is a growing trend for villas in resorts and we are finding more and more people not only in Turks and Caicos, but also in the whole Caribbean and in Europe.” Another reason for the Turks and Caicos The islands are so popular that the excellent water sports and water activities offered by the islands, including some of the best divers in the world, are offered.

Jamaica is by far the most popular vacation destination for several generations families after Exceptional Villas. Many of their luxury villas in Jamaica are fully occupied with private chefs, housekeepers, laundresses, butlers and gardeners. Most villas with Exceptional Villas also offer access to one of the exclusive resorts such as Round Hill, Tryall Club or Half Moon. This membership benefits those families who are looking for endless amenities. Jamaica accounts for over 15% of the company’s sales for 2017.


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