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Double tweets could destroy Twitter. This limit of 140 characters was what made it interesting firstly. This took 131 characters.


In an influential development in Internet culture, Twitter has announced a proposal to expand the allowed size of tweets by doubling its canonical length from 140 characters to 280 characters.

o give an idea of ​​what that means, consider the above sentence. It consumes 214 characters (counting, like Twitter does, spaces). While I consider it a good topic (why I wrote it), it is not sharp and exactly as a Twitter message should be.

Twitter doubles the message length to 240 characters? Twice the room for people to say nothing!

This takes 95 characters – and would not make a bad tweet about the topic. On Twitter, however, 144 more characters would not be improved. It would lose what it has.

Although I use it, I’m not the biggest fan of Twitter. However, the initial challenge of compressing a thought into 140 characters was interesting. These tweets were designed for people who have no attention span do not change the fact that an idea in 140 characters requires an old-fashioned organization of thoughts and language. The world has learned a lot from the discipline of writing a tweet.

Unfortunately, the answer to the challenge was to cheat, using all sorts of abbreviations (some of them unintelligible), and sometimes tweaking tweets together to create a longer message. The appearance of Hashtags caused a lot of disorder that disguised characters and prevented them from presenting an idea concisely and succinctly. Poor spelling, random spelling, and omitted punctuation made things even more elucidate so that the elegant challenge of Twitter was initially diluted in a steady stream of tweets that looked quite ugly.

I do not know that Twitter proves to be noble and encourages people to organize their thoughts in a better language. I believe that the length of 140 characters was dictated by the allowed SMS length and was not the idea of ​​Twitter. Nevertheless, people could have learned a lot about the fact that they respect the 140-character limit as originally conceived. You might have. The results show that they are not.

Nevertheless, Twitter with all the hashtag clutter and shorthand, still poses a brevity challenge to its users. This brevity makes a tweet easy to bite and digest. The average user does not have to stop what he is doing to read something on Twitter: your brain can absorb 140 characters pretty instantly. Whatever it is formulated, it is still a quick idea in a short period of time and so it is received.

If we forget about how things work from the end of the sender, 280-character tweets will completely change the experience at the end of the receiver. It will take twice as long for one of these new tweets to be read so that the effect of an idea is no longer in a fast language. This is without mentioning all the people who are foolish enough to check Twitter during the trip: Double tweets mean that people look twice as long off the road.

On the receiving side, a 280-character tweet changes the Twitter experience by making it less comfortable, less compressed, and I suggest less fun.

For the sender, my above suggested Tweet summarizes it: People have twice as much space to say nothing. I do not think you can say if you can say nothing in 140 characters, it is not worth telling, but if you say 280 people say something that is not worth in 140, it will not be better quality sent by Twitter. It will cause people to tweak in what they tweet. Although they have space for punctuation, this space is likely to be used for more hashtags.
Double tweets could destroy Twitter. This limit of 140 characters was what made it interesting firstly.
This took 131 characters.

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